Parallel Paths: Connecting With the Source

Fabienne Verdier painting

I’m continually inspired by Fabienne Verdier’s art; there’s a large section of her work on my on Pinterest. She studied for ten years with an old master in China and creates marvelous calligraphic large paintings with huge brushes. Like me, she wants her work to energize, uplift, and give people a glimpse of the unboundedness that is hidden inside us:

“I read a lot of Chinese poetry and philosophy, and about how the human being and the universe is one. I love that idea. So I learned that there is another form of expression. It’s not about expressing our neuroses in art. I think that in art we should offer the public a new melody. I really want to offer the public a sort of great inner experience and to help them re-energise.”

My own process is meditation-based. I’ve been meditating for over 45 years and making art for forty, so my work get infused with it. Consciousness, inner silence, is the source of my art that allows it to flow. Fabienne Verdier says:

“It’s a long, long meditation. The resulting abstract painting is spontaneous, but this spontaneity is not just gestural. It’s issued from another process. And this process comes from Chinese thought.”

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One of my favorite books of all time was given to me by another artist in the late 1970s, by Chung-yuan Chang. It expresses through Chinese thought what I had been experiencing in meditation and in my own art. I highly recommend reading this beautiful, inspirational book.

Sherri Silverman

Excerpts from interview with Fabienne Verdier by Jesse, “Fabienne Verdier’s Geography of the Spirit,” . January 31, 2013. For more of her art, see and my .